Occupational Training Program (OTP)

CRP OTP Program Mission

The Piedmont Community Services Work Adjustment Training program, also known as the Occupational Training Program (OTP), will provide individuals with the opportunity to develop vocational skills that can lead to the participants overcoming vocational barriers to employment and obtaining any type of gainful employment. 

Program Objectives

OTP will focus on the development and/or improvement of work place competencies (work ethic and soft skills) that employers have indicated can lead to being successful in any competitive employment environment.  The individual will receive services from an employment specialist and a training coordinator who will provide job development in real work activity that will assist the individual in adapting to any work environment and in performing the job at the employer’s expected level.  

The SAMSHA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) Vocational Assessment/Profile is completed on each individual who has applied to participate in the program.  The purpose of this assessment is to aid in the development of the Intensive Service Plan (ISP) w/person-centered vocational goals & objectives to gaining competitive employment.

Program Elements

There are three phases to the Vocational Training Program:

  1. Vocational Training and Development
    • Identify, learn, and establish appropriate work ethic
    • Develop excellent soft skills
  2. Job Readiness Workshops
    • Job search
    • Resume Development
    • Interviewing Skills
  3. Job Search
    • Through collaboration with local employers, the CRP staff will assist the individual in searching and obtaining employment